Last blog task!

I finally finished reading the book I chose, Fever Pitch. The book had many pages, but I managed to finish it. Fever Pitch is mostly about football, and football interst me a lot, so it was much easier to read that book, then another book who was about something who don’t interst me.

I have become a better writer and reader during this blog term. I think doing a blog like we have been doing, is a very good thing to do, and it is a very good way to work with a book. I also got comments from the other in clas, and that has helped me a lot.




Nick has a bit special relationship to his father. So Nick and his father goes on matches togheter and they both think that is nice that they do something togheter.

Nick haven’t got the best family, so I think he feels that the other Arsenal supporters are a kind of family for Nick. I think one of the most important theme in the book is family.

Point of view in the novel

The book is written in 1st person, the viewpoint of a character writing or speaking directly about themselves. Here are som examples:

”Dad and I went to Highbury another half a dozen times that season, and  by the middle of March 1969, I had gone way Beyond fandom.”

”Arsenal were playing Swindon Town, a Third Division team, and no one seemd to have any real doubts that Arsenal wouldwin the game, and therfore their first cup for sixteen years.”

Book report or book analysis?

I have to choose between writing a book report or a bokanalysis. You can not get a six on a book report, but I do not think I had managed to received a six anyway , so I think I’m going to choose book report. Book report is a bit easier to write and it is also a bit shorter, so it is easier for me who are’nt so good at writing.

Social envirnoment

The first game we will hear about in the book is in 1962 and the last game is in 1992. So the book is from the period between then.

Arsenal played at Highbury, but now they play at their new homegound called Emirates.

What has changed most of the period in the book to this day, are the supporters.  The fans were more crazy than they are now, but there are still many crazy fans, but not as many as before. It is much more tourists in matches now, then it was before. The atmosphere is slightly worse at matches in England now than it was before.

The first chapter

He starts by talking about his relationship between his mother and father. His mother and his father are seperated and he lives with his mother. I feel that he don’t have a good relationship with his father, and he often says no to join something with his dad.

He joins a Arsenal match against Stoke City at the home ground Highbury with his father. Where he tells about the atmosphere and how it is to fight. The first chapter is called ” Home Debut”.

I think the first chapter is really interesting and  I want to continue to read the book.


The book I chose

I chose Fever Pitch ‘because I think it suits me very well. The book is about the most absurd emotional involvement that is related to football. Each chapter is about a specific football match that he remembers watching, and how it related to the events that were going on with his personal life at the time.The book is also on film, so I want to see the movie after I read the book, to see if there is a big difference between the book and the Movie. I chose Fever Pitch ‘primarily because it is very much about football and Arsenal Football Club.